The Board of Directors, sub-committees, senior executives, and employees of the company give the priority to the business operations in accordance with the Good Corporate Governance Policy and the insider policy to be guidelines for the operation of investor relations to be accurate, complete, transparent, and in accordance with the law and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) by emphasizing information disclosure and compliance with the relevant laws and rules and benefits of all shareholders and stakeholders as the priority. Consequently, the company has defined the code of conduct of investor relations so that the management and employees related to investor relations use as the guidelines as follows:

  1. Strictly comply with the Good Corporate Governance Policy in Chapter 4 on information disclosure and transparency and the use of the insider policy of the company.
  2. Disclose important and necessary information that affects investment decisions accurately, completely, adequately, and timely, equally and fairly by giving the opportunity to all related persons to access and respond to information inquiry by the investors within 1 day or no later than the next working day.
  3. Determine the roles and duties of those who are involved in investor relations.

    Board of Directors

    • Provide the guidelines for designating the company's information disclosure policy.
    • Provide consultancy and advice on operating activities of the investor relations of the company.
    • Follow up or participate in considering recommendations and opinions obtained from the operation of investor relations.

    Senior Executives of the Company

    • Participate in driving activities of the investor relations in accordance with the plan.
    • Participate in approving the information to be disclosed to the public to be in line with the information disclosure policy and good corporate governance principles.
    • Participate in investor relations activities to show the vision of business management.
    • Listen to recommendations and opinions obtained from the operations of investor relations.

    Senior Accounting and Finance Executives

    • Support the provision of financial information to investor relations work.
    • Participate in considering the content of the information to be disclosed, especially financial information, to be in accordance with the criteria.
    • Participate in investor relations activities

    Department of Investor Relations

    • Communicate to provide information to the target groups including the shareholders, institutional investors, individual investors, securities companies, journalists, and the general public who are interested in the company’s information regardless of the current and future business plans, budgets, projects, including the performance that has been disclosed to the public.
    • Reflect opinions and recommendations from outsiders or related persons and present to the senior executives and the Board of Directors for the decision making in determining the company’s strategies.
    • Participate in the strategy determining process because it has a two-way communication from the target groups and the management team, so it understands the direction, policy, vision, and operating results of the company very well.
    • Prepare and collect all information and news that the company has revealed to the public to support information and provide advice to the company’s spokesperson and the senior executives in order to prevent them from providing misinformation and provide information in the same direction.
    • Build credibility for the company by providing a systematic report with true, accurate, complete and timely information.
  4. Appoint a spokesperson to represent the company in providing information.
  5. Define tools and channels to disclose information or sources of information to the public thoroughly.

    Channels of Information Disclosure are as follows:

    • Disclosure of news reports via the system of the Stock Exchange of Thailand
    • News reports through various technologies, such as by phone, website (, E-mail, Facebook fan page, Line@, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    • The meeting with analysts (Analyst Meeting)
    • The meeting between the company and investors (Opportunity Day)
    • Meetings with domestic and foreign investors (Roadshow)
    • Site visit to the company
    • Shareholder meeting
    • Printed materials

    Tools or Documents for Investor Relations (IR Materials) are as follows:

    • Annual financial statements and quarterly financial statements
    • Annual report (Form 56-2)
    • Annual data report form (Form 56-1)
    • Reports and analysis of the Management (MD&A)
    • Company snapshot
    • Presentation material considered by the target groups
    • Sustainability report
    • Investor newsletter

    The information for the disclosure to be the guidelines for investors must use the language that is easy to understand, accurate, truthful and contains adequate financial information and related important information for assessment. The information presented in specific group meetings must be revealed to the public on the company’s website after the meeting as soon as possible.

  6. Have an annual investor relations work plan with clear objectives and appropriate budget allocation. The activities according to the work plan and budgets must be operated to achieve the objectives.
  7. Analyze the structure of the company's shareholders at least 2 times per year after the book closing date to define the guidelines for organizing activities, including stories of the organizations that are communicated to the shareholders.
  8. Reveal a wide range of information so that the investor relations can provide in-depth information to those who require it for the purpose of use with different details, which depends on the purpose and appropriateness of each data usage.
  9. In the event that there are rumors, leak news or important events, the investor relations must immediately clarify the facts to the public in accordance with the regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand or adjust them immediately within 24 hours to create correct understanding and prevent problems on using information by any particular group. If there are any other important conditions, they must be clearly specified.
  10. Perform duties with integrity by not using the internal information for their own benefits and others or for seeking benefits for themselves or others improperly.
  11. The company has defined and restricted persons who can access to the company's internal information to prevent the leakage of internal information according to the good corporate governance policy and the insider policy. The company requires that the directors and accounting or finance executives in the level of deputy assistant managing directors of the departments or higher or equivalent and related operators must receive material insider information.
  12. If the investor relations and the abovementioned persons having the right to access to the internal information should use their judgment in providing information carefully, not disclose information as the trade secret and internal information that may cause the company to lose benefits in business competition to any person or the public if the company has not yet revealed to the public or to the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
  13. Refrain from disclosing information and answering questions related to the company's performance to third parties including the shareholders, investors, analysts, reporters, and stakeholders (Silent Period), and refrain from accepting appointments to provide information in person by person or group meetings in a period of 7 days before the company reports the quarterly earnings to the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
  14. The disclosure or explanation of the quarterly performance can be done within 45 days after the announcement of financial statements. For the annual operating results, the disclosure can be done within 60 days after the announcement of the financial statements to the investors and analysts, including the organization of Analyst Meeting, Opportunity Day, Roadshow, etc.
  15. The guidelines for trading the company’s securities for personnel of the investor relations team must be referred and based on the insider policy and good corporate governance policy on the suspension of trading of the company's securities can be disclosed in writing for at least 30 days in advance before disclosure to the public. It should wait at least 24 hours after the disclosure to the public. The disclosure of material information is prohibited.
  16. Perform the duties fully with integrity in the profession on the basis of the principle of equality. There is no discrimination on any bribe as a personal incentive in favor of personal benefits rather than the interests of the company and related stakeholders.
  17. Perform the duties in accordance with the rules, regulations, and policies set by the company, including relevant laws according to the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Stock Exchange of Thailand as well as regulatory agencies related to the business of the company.
  18. Keep learning, attending training and seminars or taking programs that support the investor relations to increase the effectiveness of their performance.
  19. Collect comments and feedbacks from external parties, such as investors, analysts or users of the company information to be used to improve the IR work and present them to the senior executives and the Board of Directors for making a decision in determining the company’s strategy.
  20. Comply with the code of conduct of investor relations while performing the duties as investor relations officers. If there is a violation, the violation and effects must be reported to the senior executives and/or the managing directors or the Board of Directors, as the case may be, without delay.
  21. Should not give negative information by defaming competitors or other stakeholders.
  22. Regularly review the code of conduct of investor relations.