The company will focus on the development of real estate for sale by giving priority to the selection of project locations in Bangkok and perimeter areas or potential communities with convenient transportation. The company places importance on locations on the main roads that are convenient to travel, near expressways or along the rail transport stations, both in the present and the future. The company also focuses on locations with good community environments with full facilities to create new options for those who want to live in good environment with safety and convenience for travelling to various places.

Currently, there are subsidiaries and joint venture companies under the management of Chewathai Public Company Limited for operating the residential real estate development business, namely Chewathai Interchange Company Limited (“Chewathai Interchange”), Chewa Heart Company Limited (“Chewa Heart”), Chewa Renue Company Limited ("Chewa Renue"), and Chewathai Home Office Company Limited that is the real estate development business in the form of a home office. Furthermore, the company established a joint venture with Kamala Senior Living Company Limited as well.

Condominium Project Development

The company started its real estate development business from developing condominium projects for sale, both the high rise and low rise buildings with different project design concepts by considering several important factors, especially the characteristics and needs of the target customers of that project. The company also considers the maximum utilization of the space of a suite and the selection of decorations or furniture, sanitary ware and various materials with superior quality. The company has a wide range of quality and various products that cover all price levels to meet the needs of consumers according to the unique characteristics of the product groups.

Horizontal Project or Residential Project Development

The company has developed low-rise projects for sale in a variety of forms, such as a single house, semi-detached house and townhome in potential locations surrounded by complete infrastructure to respond to all needs of customer groups. The company has a policy to sell houses with allocated land that the house must be completed before opening sale so that customers can see the real house ready to live or may be under construction to give customers the confidence that the house will be completed according to the specified time. The company started pioneering the low-rise market in 2016 by opening the first single house and semi-detached house project called Chewarom Rangsit - Don Mueang Project, which is currently closed for sale. The company is committed to continuously develop horizontal projects by expanding the development of home office project for sale, developed by the company’s subsidiary, Chewathai Home Office Company Limited. This is another project that has been added to the horizontal product group to completely cover all segments to meet the target customer groups.