Chewathai’s main businesses are developing residential and commercial projects for sale, and factories for rent as follows:

Ready Built Factories for rent

Chewathai develops and owns several small to medium sized factories for rent. These factories are designed and built with the highest quality and engineering specifications in order to cater to the various manufacturing activities that its tenants engage in. With the growing demand for rented facilities both locally and from overseas, Chewathai aims to provide full solution to this group of manufacturing business owners. Chewathai’s rented factories allow business owners who do not wish to own manufacturing facilities to rent instead of investing to build; the factories save tenants tremendous amount of time because manufacturing can start immediately without having to wait for construction; these factories provide financial relief to business owners who may not be ready to buy and build their own factories yet, or who only need the facilities for short term; the factories may also serve as inexpensive trials and reduce risks for start-ups; and they can be modified to suit to the tenant’s needs.

In addition, Chewathai’s factories are located in prime industrial estates that are easily accessible from major transportation hubs including air and sea ports. The factories are also well served with world-class infrastructural facilities like uninterrupted water and electricity supply; waste and waste-water treatment plants; access roads, security services and other amenities. Chewathai’s factory tenants can enjoy tax and other privileges from the Board of Investments (BOI) of Thailand.

Each Chewathai factory is a two-storey stand-alone building of concrete reinforced with steel and steel structures. No central columns are used and floor-load is 3 tonnes per sqm. The ground floor comprises of the main manufacturing area, while the second floor is office space. Each factory is surrounded by perimeter roads and has ample parking spaces, generous green area, multi-purpose open space and guard house – all attractively enclosed with steel and concrete fence to provide security and privacy to each factory. Chewathai ready built factories’ size range from 1,512 to 1,937 sqm.

Residential & Commercial Projects Development

Chewathai develops various residential and commercial products to cater to different needs of its consumers. Over the last 8 years, it has developed 9 high-rise and low-rise condominium projects in Bangkok. The Company is also launching its maiden housing estate project which consists of free-hold detached and semi-detached houses in late 2016. The Company also plans to launch more condominium, townhouses, commercial shophouses and home-offices in 2017.

Chewathai pays utmost attention in selecting the location of its products. Developments must be easily accessible and near communal facilities and amenities. All of Chewathai’s current projects are in Bangkok and Greater Bangkok, with special focus on locations which are easily accessible by Bangkok’s expressways and mass transit routes (current or future) and those located on Bangkok’s main thoroughfares. All efforts are made to ensure that Chewathai’s residents live in safe and convenient environment.