Shareholders' Meeting

Notice Convening the 2017 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

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*The Company will provide snacks and beverages for shareholders and proxy holders who attend the meeting, but will not distribute any souvenir at this meeting.*
Notice Convening the 2017 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
Copy of the 2016 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
Report of the Company’s operating result for the year 2016
The details of directors, including the biography, educations, work experiences, shareholding proportions, and director status in other companies, who will retire by rotation and will be nominated for re-election
Profile of the person, who is nominated to be the auditor of the Company
Articles of Association of the Company regarding the Shareholders’ Meeting
The procedure for registration, grant of proxy, and documentation and evidence required on the date of meeting
Proxy Form A and B
Information of independent directors designated for shareholders to appoint as proxies
Map of Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel – Bangkok
Proxy Form  
- Proxy Form A
- Proxy Form B
- Attachment to Proxy Form B


Criteria for submission Enquire, Agenda and Propose a Director Candidate at the 2017 AGM

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Criteria for Shareholders to propose Annual General Shareholders ‘Meeting Agenda and Director Nominee in advance
Criteria for submission enquire in advance for the 2017 Annual General Meeting of Shareholder
2017 Proposal Agenda for Annual General Meeting of shareholder Form
Form of Director Nomination for the Annual General Meeting of the year 2017