Mr. Chartchai Panichewa

Chairman of the Board of Directors / Chairman of the Executive Committee and The Authorized director of the Company

Education and Training

  • Master Degree in International Business and Marketing University of San Francisco, USA
  • Bachelor Degree in Banking University of San Francisco, USA
  • Associated Degree from Roger Williams College, Rhode Island, USA
  • Director Accreditation Program (DAP) Class 9/2004
  • Diploma, National Defence College, The National Defence Course Class 2009
  • Top Executive Program, Capital Market Academy Class 13 (CMA.13) Capital Market Academy
  • Thailand Insurance Leadership Program Class 2 Office of Insurance Commission (OIC)
  • Advanced Security Management Program Class 3 National Defence College of Thailand
  • Top Executive Program in Commerce and Trade (TEPCoT) Class 6 Commerce Academy
  • Top Executive Program in Urban Green Development Class 3 (Mahanakorn 3) Navamindradhiraj University
  • Top Executive Program in Urban Leader Class 1 (Urban Leader 1) Navamindradhiraj University
  • Business Revolution and Innovation Network Class 1 (BRAIN 1) The Federation of Thai Industries

Work Experience

  • Advisor to Deputy Prime Minister
  • Secretary General of ASEAN Federation of Glass Manufacturers
  • Vice Chairman Glass Manufacturers of The Federation of Thai Industries
  • Vice Chairman Siam Tree Development Co., Ltd. 
  • Executive Vice President Thai Asahi Glass Public Co., Ltd.
  • Executive Member The International Commission on Glass
  • Advisor to Chairman of The Federation of Thai Industries
  • Advisor to Committee of Industry, the House of Representatives
  • Director Chemical Marketing Co., Ltd.
  • Director of Sustainable Enterprise Advisory Center Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University
  • Chairman of Executive Director Paragon Car Rental Co., Ltd. (Hertz)
Year Position Company
Current Position
Position in listed company
1994 - Present Executive Director Cathay Leaseplan PLC.
2005 - Present Chairman ATP 30 PLC
2007 - Present Executive Director TTL Industries PLC.
2008 - Present Chairman Chewathai PLC.
2016 - Present Chairman ThaiSri Insurance Public Co., Ltd.
Positions in other company
2020 - Present Vice Chairman The Federation of Thai Industries (F.T.I) and Chairman E-Commerce committe
2019 - Present Director TTL Capital Co.,Ltd.
2019 - Present Director Chewathai Home Office Co.,Ltd.
2018 - Present Director TTL Capital Co.,Ltd.
2018 - Present Chairman Glass Manufacturers Industry Club, The Faderation of Thai Industries
2017 - Present Director Four Point O Plus Co.,Ltd.
2017 - Present Director Navamindradhiraj University
2017 - Present Director Chewa Heart Co.,Ltd.
2015 - Present Committee Member of R.B.S.C. Polo Club Badminton Committee
2015 - Present Director Paibul Business Co.,Ltd.
2014 - Present Director Paibul Capital Co.,Ltd.
2013 - Present Director DT and G Co.,Ltd.
2013 - Present Director Chewathai Interchange Co.,Ltd.
2011 - Present Chairman Global Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
2008 - Present Director Chewathai Hup Soon Co.,Ltd.
2008 - Present Vice Chairman Bangkok Crystal Co., Ltd.
2006 - Present Director Pailuck Company Limited
2006 - Present Director Paibul Business Company Limited
2005 - Present Director Bangkok Crystal Company Limited
2005 - Present Director Kromadit Park Company Limited
2004 - Present Director Amata Petroleum Company Limited
1997 - Present Director Chartchewa Co.,Ltd.
1993 - Present Executive Director Chang Island Resort Co.,Ltd. (Barali Beach Resort)
1993 - Present Executive Director Sima Thani Hotel Co.,Ltd.