Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Company has policy to perform its business with care and responsibility for the Company’s sustainable development and also is aware the three pillars of sustainability which are economic, environmental, and social. To achieve the long-term success in the future, the Company will execute the following:

    1. The Company strives to fairly conduct its business, and shall operate the business with responsibility and due care, including allocating the appropriate benefits to all stakeholders.
    2. The Company will properly operate its business under the relevant law and regulations. The operations will be transparency and accountability according to the Good Corporate Governance Practice, taking into account the benefits that will arise with shareholders, employees, suppliers, communities and societies, partners, media, customers, the public, and all stakeholders.
    3. The Company will support free trade and avoid any action which may cause conflict of interest and the violation of intellectual property. Moreover, the Company will acts against corruption in all forms and promotes social responsibility in all phases of business operations and services.
    4. The Company will focus on risk analysis and environmental impact assessment as well as the safety in all processes of the business and the efficiency of resources utilization and energy saving, according to international practices.
    5. The Company will promote the use of business processes in order to improve the quality of life and to create a strong economy and make a community better.
    6. The Company strives to have transparency communication and equal treatment for all shareholders and investors by disclosing the accurate and adequate information to shareholders and investors through the channel allowing easy and equal access.
    7. The Company respects the human rights of all its employees and has regularly developed the knowledge and skill of the staffs, as well as provides opportunities for talent who have appropriate qualifications and experience to work with the Company.
    8. The Company continuously focuses on the development of efficient human resources management system, such as the recruitment of employees, the development and training if employees, the determination of appropriate salary and welfare, to encourage and support employees with opportunities to progress in their careers, and to strengthen the participatory work environment. The Company believes that the aforesaid will lead to efficient performance of employees and contribute to the maximum effectiveness of the Company.